Everyone uses filters and/or editing apps nowadays to obtain the “perfect picture” and filters are great, especially when we want to make our complexions look more flawless (we’re all guilty of using one from time to time, including myself); but I really don’t like the idea of editing apps to change your face or body. I think there is too much pressure on women and girls as it is without unrealistic expectations. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all just felt more confident in our own skin? For that reason alone, it was a no brainer to introduce the illumiFacial to my clients.

I’ve always worked in an office environment so at the end of the day, I never really felt like I’d accomplished anything. It just felt like a continuous conveyor belt of paperwork. When I’ve treated a client and they’re happy because we’ve managed to remove or improve an imperfection that they hated, I know now that I am now in the right job.

The illumiFacial is described as the “next level photofacial” using a combination of Lynton skincare together with powerful medical grade IPL technology (my Lynton Lumina).

The illumiFacial is a four-stage treatment that consists of a double cleanse with Lynton’s facial cleanser, the Tri-fruit Acid Peel (which was specially designed for this treatment only and is only available to Lynton clients) followed by full face skin rejuvenation with Lynton’s IPL and a trio of specialist serums to help soothe, regenerate, and protect. 

The illumiFacial improves wrinkles, skin tone, tightens, hydrates, reduces acne and generally improves the skin quality making it softer. It really is an amazing treatment and the results speak for themselves. Whilst I am building my own portfolio of results, I have been able to show my clients results that have been provided by Lynton via other Lynton Clinic’s around the UK. This treatment is only available to Lynton Clients and currently, I think I am the only clinic that offers this treatment in Bristol. However, it’s such an amazing treatment, I don’t think it will be long before all the other Lynton Clinics in Bristol are offering it too. It’s becoming more popular in the famous Harley Street and I am told that clinics are investing in Lynton’s equipment, just to be able to offer the illumiFacial.

It is a simple and relatively quick treatment ranging from 45-90 minute treatment depending on your skin problems. I have tried to do one on myself but with great difficulty Lol. I think I’ll be training Liam up during the winter, so I am able to have picture perfect skin too.

The Lynton Skincare Range is also cruelty free, paraben free and mainly vegan friendly (except the Light Soothe) including the acid peel. The acid peel is made from 20% fruit acid.

If you have any questions at all about the illumiFacial, any other treatment or even if you’re not sure what you think you might like, just pop me a message.

As always, until next time and thank you for taking the time to read my post.

Lots of Love

Rubi xx