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We are now offering ScreenCancer’s Mole Scanning Service!

What is Mole Scanning?

Mole Scanning using ScreenCancer’s gold standard technology is painless, easy and non-invasive. A member of the clinic team will capture two images of your lesion. The first image is a clinical image (from a distance) to show the Dermatology consultants the size of the lesion to the naked eye. The second is a Dermatascopic image, this magnifies the lesion so the Dermatology consultants can view the lesion in extreme close up. Information relating to your previous sun exposure and direct history of the lesion is taken too.

Who looks at my mole/lesion?

The Dermatology consultants that work along side ScreenCancer access the information and images through a secure cloud-based website called the Navigator. All images and information is reviewed closely and the Dermatology consultants then create a bespoke report for you to keep detailing the analysis of the lesion and other sun safety tips.

Screen Cancer Mole Screen Bristol

How do I receive my report?

Once the Dermatology consultants have accessed and written a report for you. The ScreenCancer Healthcare Advisors then send out reports via SMS or post. If ScreenCancer feel there is something that needs to be explained to you, before sending out the report they will give you a call and explain it over the phone and answer any questions you may have.

The reports are accessed via a secure link and an access code that is in the text message along with a consultation number that the clinic will provide you with.

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