For anyone that’s new to my page or don’t know me, I’m Rubi & I run Rosa Laine Laser. A small business based in Whitchurch, Bristol.

In today’s world it’s so easy to fall down that rabbit hole of feeling like we should all look a certain way, judging & comparing ourselves.

My goals and aspirations are to help you feel great in the skin & body you were born without having to make major changes. I want to help you enhance your natural beauty & boost your confidence without having to change who you were born to be.

I’m committed to helping you become the best version of you, whether it’s removing your excess hair or treating a small vein on the side of your nose.

I believe in using the best possible equipment & quality products. I don’t use cheap or imported products.

Client safety is paramount – my Lynton Lumina is the safest & most effective IPL on the market. It’s manufactured in the UK and originated from the University of Manchester. It’s is medical grade & used within NHS & Private Hospitals across the UK. It is regularly serviced and maintained.

Please be aware, I won’t just zap anything and give it a go. If I’m not 100% in what I am treating, I won’t treat it. I will send you to your GP or give you the details for an online dermatologist for a professional medical opinion. I may also suggest you use the screening service if I feel something looks a little unusual. I may even say I’m not willing to go ahead with treatment at all if I don’t feel it’s appropriate for me to do so. I don’t do this to waste anyone’s time or to be difficult, it’s for your safety.

If your request is not something I am able to help with, I will refer you to other businesses who have similar values regarding products/equipment or services I have personally used.

I have in the past had my prices queried as they may be slightly higher than other businesses. The quality of my treatments are reflected in the costs – the cost of the initial investment, maintenance of the equipment & products I use which may exceed others on the market.

I’m committed to investing in the best the UK has to offer and continuing my education within the industry to provide the best possible service.

Get in touch today to find out how I can help you –

Thank you 

Rubi xx