Hey everyone, I’m Rubi the owner of Rosa Laine Laser Therapy Treatments.

I’m 32 (although if you don’t count lockdown birthdays I’m still 30 haha) and a mum to two beautiful children. My eldest Tyger is 8 and my youngest Adelaide is 1.

I’ve always worked within the legal industry. At 17 I got my first job as an office junior in a legal firm and gradually began working as a legal secretary. I’ve worked in a few different firms over the years but in the last 6 years, I’ve worked at a local high street Solicitors mainly within the conveyancing department. I’ve also got a few secretarial qualifications and have passed a few law exams.

Over the years, I have always quite fancied a job within the aesthetics industry and more specifically working with lasers. I have a couple of friends that have worked with lasers, and it has always fascinated me, but I have always played it safe and stuck to what I know. My parents have always ran their own businesses, so I’ve always known that one day I wanted to run my own.

At 8 months pregnant, the first lockdown came into place March 2020, and it was during this time, that my boyfriend Liam, decided to start his own flat roofing company. His first year has been a real success and I am so proud of him. He blew me away with his dedication and hard work.

During my maternity leave we had many conversations about my future career and whether I wanted to continue with law or take a risk and start something of my own, I decided I wanted to take that risk.

I began my research into working with lasers – what qualifications I need, what insurance I need and most importantly what laser I wanted to purchase. I then came across Lynton Lasers, after a couple of conversations with them and a zoom meeting, I arranged to travel up to their offices at the end of January. The more I learnt about Lynton, the more I knew they were the manufacturer for me, so I put a deposit down on a Lynton Lumina.

It was so exciting, but I admit, I was a little scared because it was a huge financial investment (more than a house deposit) but I am so glad I did it. Liam gave me the push I needed and is so supportive.

At the end of March, my machine was delivered and after completing the training, I was all set to start my new career.

Our lives are a little crazy at the moment, with two children, two businesses, a house renovation, and a naughty dog, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me and to all my lovely Clients. Lastly, thank you to Liam and our families for making this dream possible.

Here’s to the future and until next time…

Lots of Love

Rubi xx